Terra Arma

Combat veterans turned business owners are the visionaries behind Terra Arma, a hardworking apparel brand.

Hardworking Veterans deliver hard-use apparel

Through the PenFed Foundation’s year-long Master’s Program, veterans Christian Meyers and David Reid completed the nation’s top accelerator program to raise investor funds to scale their company and tackle the hurdles of accessing capital. As a result of these efforts, Terra Amra was born, a performance apparel company that designs shirts, shorts, outerwear, and accessories for the toughest conditions. With regulation compliant options for military, police, and EMS, Terra Arm’s products outfit military, public servants, and other first responders with comfortable, durable, and functional items.

Resilience and Perseverance

Veteran and VEIP participant David Reid shares his journey to inspire others.

“I want to help the Veteran community because we have to have each other's back. PenFed truly cares, and they are genuine about it. ”