Omy & Nima Emami

Air Force Veteran Omayra “Omy” Emami and her husband and fellow Air Force Veteran, Nima Emami, discuss the impact of the PenFed Foundation’s partnership with Our Military Kids.

Investing in our hero's children

Through a partnership with Our Military Kids, the PenFed Foundation provided support to the Emami family by extending a number of grants for various extracurricular activities, including piano and violin lessons, gymnastics, tutoring, camp, and dance classes. This impactful program empowers children of post-9/11 combat-injured service members to pursue their talents and chase their dreams.

Partnership with Our Military Kids

Our Military Kids provides grants to military children with a parent that is either deployed with the National Guard or Reserve or is a post-9/11 combat-injured service member.

For the Emami family, music lessons helped the entire family find enjoyment and listening to the girls play the violin or piano helped alleviate stress.

“Our Military Kids has really been such a great blessing for us. By giving us that sense of belonging and relieving the stress, I really belive that they helped my children tremendously.”