“We are honored by The PenFed Foundation's support of our Fort Bragg Food Pantry. This grant will enable us to expand and serve more military families. We are extremely excited for the opportunity, through this partnership to deepen our impact in the Fort Bragg community.”

Jeremy Hester

ASYMCA Fort Bragg Executive Director

Military Heroes Program

Military Heroes Program strengthens partnerships with veterans organizations who are nested within our military communities who are actively working with us to submit projects to benefit veterans and the military community.

Afghan Rescue and Resettlement Program

ARRP keeps faith with the Afghans who served alongside U.S. forces by assisting with their rescue and successful resettlement into their new American communities.

Special Projects

These projects leave a lasting impact on the community and on veterans’ well-being – mental and physical health and financial stability in collaboration with our partner organizations.

Our Partners

Thank You to Our Donors

Thank you for providing much needed support for our programs. Thanks to your generosity, we’ve helped more than 140,000 military heroes since 2001. Without our volunteers and donors, our work would not be possible.

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Military Heroes Grant Program

Afghan Rescue and Resettlement Program

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