The Resilience of a Military Hero

In 2007, Edward Schrank was an active-duty United States Marine when he was diagnosed with cancer. He lost his eye and part of his skull, but remained on active-duty until his retirement in 2012. Today, he is a six-time head and neck cancer survivor.

Despite being told he may never speak again, Edward challenged himself to sing the song he so bravely fought for: The National Anthem. Two years later, and he has successfully sung the Star-Spangled Banner at MLB, NFL and NASCAR events across the country.

Marine veteran Edward Schrank

“For those 90 seconds that I am singing, I put everything I have into that moment.”

Thanks to donors like you, Edward was able to receive much needed assistance for childcare costs during his battle with cancer. This allowed him to eliminate the financial burden of having to choose between his quality of care and his children’s quality of life, and ensured he was able to take the time he needed to go to treatments and appointments.

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