The Hero at Home: A Caregiver’s Story

The PenFed Foundation is proud to support military heroes with financial assistance, including caregivers. In February 2019, the Foundation learned about a caretaker whose family has very special needs.

Ever since her husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, Amy Antioho has sacrificed her career and her personal well-being to be his primary caregiver as well as raising their 3-year-old son. For the past year, Amy has been spread thin by juggling doctor appointments and managing all of her husband’s medications and symptoms.

“I am too exhausted to even think about taking care of myself”

Amy’s husband, Peter Antioho, is an Army veteran who had courageously served our country in active duty for over 5 years. He was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme, an aggressive type of malignant brain tumor, which causes physical and cognitive damages. Since his diagnosis, Peter has lost all sensations from the right side of his body and has difficulty communicating with others. Peter needs constant supervision because he suffers from seizures, which may cause him to hurt himself if left alone.

“I need to be healthy and alert at all times in order to provide Peter with the level of care he needs. However, there are so many days when I am just too exhausted to even think about taking care of myself. We have been doing this for a year now and as Peter’s health deteriorates, I’m not sure I have the strength to continue this level of care on my own.”              –Amy

PenFed Foundation’s Caregiver Grant Provides Hope

Amy first approached the Foundation in February – she had heard about our Caregiver Grant through Code of Support, one of our referring agencies. the Antioho family was able to secure a grant from the PenFed Foundation to cover the cost of in-home care for Peter for six months. This care will give Amy the respite she needs and the opportunity to find a job to support her family.

Learn more about our Caregiver Grant:

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How You Can Help

May is Military Caregiver Month, and it is the perfect time to show your support for the caretakers of our military heroes. Your contributions to the Foundation give people like Amy the hope they need during difficult times.