Shashi Vohra

PenFed Foundation President
PenFed Credit Union Sr. EVP & President, Affiliated Businesses

Shashi Vohra serves as President of the PenFed Foundation, supporting and executing the Foundation’s mission to empower military service members, Veterans, and their communities with the skills and resources to realize financial stability and opportunity.

Shashi joined PenFed Credit Union in 1980 and has held various positions throughout the more than 40 years with the organization. In his current role, he started and continues to oversees the credit union’s commercial banking efforts along with all of PenFed’s insurance products. Shashi is also President/CEO for PenFed Title, LLC and its subsidiaries and CEO for PenFed Realty, LLC and DigMed, LLC (dba White64). 

Shashi’s mergers and acquisition efforts have been instrumental in the integration of more than 40 mergers (almost $4 billion in assets) throughout his career, including the merger with Progressive Credit Union that gave PenFed its “universal charter.”  As the Foundation’s President, his wealth of expertise in fundraising and donor relations is invaluable.