Lisa Hallet

Co-founder and Executive Director
wear blue: run to remember

After her husband, CPT John Hallet, was killed in combat in 2009, Lisa turned to running and her community to help work through her grief. Now a worldwide organization, wear blue helps thousands heal from the pain of losing a military loved one.

Lisa’s story

Hear the story of how Lisa transformed grief and a love of running into a powerful, worldwide support system for thousands.

Helping our youth heal

We are proud to support Lisa and the Gold Star Youth Mentorship Program (GSYMP), a run-focused mentorship program that empowers children who have lost a military parent to navigate their grief and reclaim their youth. The GSYMP helps both mentee and mentor see they are not alone in the unfortunate experience of losing a military loved one, gain a greater sense of self-worth, and of course, increase how far they can walk or run. 

A tribute with every step

We are also honored to support the Tribute wear blue Mile, a powerful tribute to our military members who are no longer with us. The run starts as a quiet memorial with photos of the fallen lining the sides of the route. It then turns into a celebration of their lives, as the photos are then replaced by volunteers holding full-sized American flags.