Navy veteran dreams of homeownership after retiring from service

“So many people come up to me and thank me for my service, but deeds mean more than words. PenFed Foundation’s supporters show that.” – U.S. Navy veteran Jermaine White

“Pride.” That’s the word that Retired Chief Petty Officer, Jermaine White, used to describe the feeling of owning his first home. Growing up in Wisconsin, Jermaine’s mother worked several jobs to support him, his brother and sister. Moving from place to place was a common occurrence, but Jermaine’s mom always hoped for a permanent home for their family. “My mother was my superwoman,” Jermaine said. She inspired him to leave Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and join the Navy, where he served for more than 20 years, including a deployment in the Middle East for the Global War on Terrorism.

Navy veteran Jermaine White poses outside his new home, which he purchased with the help of PenFed Foundation donors.

After serving our country, Jermaine returned home to fulfill his mother’s dream of home ownership. He found his dream home, but kept falling short on the funds he needed for the closing costs. Thanks to the generosity of PenFed foundation donors, White was able to get a two-to-one match for his closing costs in June this year.

We know that owning a home is widely recognized as a key marker of financial stability, but post-9/11 Veterans are less likely than their civilian peers to be able to afford their housing costs.

This holiday season, you can help Veterans like Jermaine White on the path to a strong financial future by showing your gratitude with a gift of just $12/month.

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