Marine veteran gets help during COVID-19

Tiffany Vilchis-Parks served our nation in the Marine Corps for over 9 years, and worked as an air traffic controller for the majority of her military career. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Tiffany was a contractor for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Transition Assistance Program. She was the Site Lead for Naval Air Station Lemoore and was responsible for all transitioning service members at NAS Lemoore, Vandenberg AFB, NPS Monterey, and Presidio of Monterey. At the same time, Tiffany was also working on her Master’s degree in education.

Unfortunately, when COVID-19 hit, Tiffany lost her job after her contract froze at the end of March. Tiffany’s husband is currently serving the Navy, and she has their four children to care for, so she filed for Unemployment Insurance through the state of California but was initially denied. While searching for a new job and trying to get her claim at the Employment Development Department approved, Tiffany applied for financial assistance from the PenFed Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Financial Relief Program to help cover one month of auto payment.

“I’m so grateful that the PenFed Foundation covered our car payment this month. One car payment is enough to give our family some breathing room until I can get my first paycheck and allows me to buy groceries for my family without worrying about which bills will go unpaid.”

Recently, Tiffany found a new job at the Social Security Administration.

The PenFed Foundation launched the COVID-19 Emergency Financial Relief Program in March 2020 to help veterans like Tiffany recover from the negative effects of the pandemic, such as job loss, and prevent a short-term financial emergency from becoming a long-term setback. Since March, more than 560 service members and veterans have received COVID-19 emergency assistance.